Blessing of Islam

Say to My servants that they should only say those things that are best. For Satan doth sow dissension among them. For Satan is to man an avowed enemy.” (Quran XVII: 53)
To admire the long history and the stupendous mission of the Chishti Order of Sufis, which is devoted to the reason for widespread fellowship and peace among humankind, it is exceptionally important to know something about Islam, its Holy Prophet and Sufism which is the very complete self of Islam, communicated in a theoretical structure.

As indicated by the Muslim confidence, when the Almighty Allah made Adam (the father of the human descendants) out of a chunk of dirt, and instructed the heavenly attendants to welcome him with a Sijda (surrender in quietude), Iblis, the Satan, dithered to obey and acknowledge Adam as his unrivaled on the grounds that he asserted his own particular predominance over Adam by goodness of his long dedication to Allah and creation out of flame.

Iblis’ hesitance to obey and bow before Adam, nonetheless, brought about his judgment. He was consequently forever ostracized from the joy of God. Under this incredible mortifying dissatisfaction, the Satan argued to Allah that he and his descendants (the Satan fits in with the offspring of the jinn) may be conceded an everlasting chance to deceive humankind into slip and sin, so as to test the dedication of Adam and his offspring to God. This solicitation was conceded by the Almighty Allah with the precept that whosoever took after the Satan’s way will relinquish His pleasure and that his dwelling place be in the blaze of damnation interminably.

The production of this position was fundamental keeping in mind the end goal to give a chance to Adam and his offspring to acknowledge both of the two choices, on the grounds that the presence of an uniform framework or code with no fazad (inverse position), would not have been to the greatest advantage of humankind, much the same as sickness and wellbeing, lack of sight and clear vision, night and day, high temperature and cool, great and abhorrence, et cetera.

The principal slippery demonstration of Satan under this plan began with the beguilement of Adam himself in the remarkable scene of Eve and the “illegal foods grown from the ground”, which brought about the expulsion of both Adam and Eve from the Heavenly heaven as a discipline against Allah’s pleasure. Consequently the bad form of Satan, the acknowledged foe of the offspring of Adam , has proceeded all through the ages creating unending hopelessness among the greater part of these individuals who succumb to his insidious allurements in insubordination of the decrees of God.
In this appreciation, there are two sorts of individuals on the planet: the individuals who take after the rules of God, and the individuals who are powerless to the beguilements of Satan. There has dependably been a strong battle between the supporters of Satan and the devotees of God, since the time that the production of Adam.

In short, Paradise is a gift of Allah and is valuable only because of that. The people of Paradise experience eternal happiness and joy because “they are honored servants” (Surat an-Anbiya’, 26).
The wisest word that can be spoken there is a word that praises Allah’s mighty name: “Master of Majesty and Generosity” (Surat ar-Rahman, 78).

The Holy Prophet Muhammad

At the point when the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed showed up on the scene of Arabia in 750 A.D., Satan had practically settled his malevolent kingdom over the Arabs, who were saturated with appalling obliviousness and sin. What was the genuine state of Arabia before the conception of the Holy Prophet Mohammed?

As per the Holy Qur’an, it was on “the verge of a fiery abyss.” The brutal Arabs were totally submerged under the abhorrence impact of Satan. They were absorbing superstition, obliviousness, remorselessness and misguided admiration and were destroyed by internecine fights and wars. They had no settled government and carried on with a migrant life. Wine, ladies and each sort of bad habit and wrongdoing summed up their general state of mind towards life.

Indeed the Jews and the Christians had overlooked the teachings of their Prophets Moses and Jesus, and had gotten to be idolators. Expounding on the state of Christianity in the seventh century, antiquarian Sir William Muir says: “The Christianity of the seventh century was itself flimsy and degenerate. It was crippled by fighting splits and had substituted superstition for the immaculate and far reaching confidence of the early ages.”

The teachings of the Prophet of Islam, in any case, fashioned an element change in the wicked life of the Arabs inside a couple of years, notwithstanding all the most exceedingly terrible kind of abuse, put-down and oppression by the insidiousness powers of Satan. Disregarding all these impediments, Prophet Mohammed succeeded and succeeded triumphantly in totally directing the powers of Satan and reforming the life of the Arabs under Islam, the religion of Peace and Prosperity, established for the profit of the Arabs as well as for the joy of the entire world also.
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