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The Chaddars (CLOTH SHEETS 42 METERS) that are placed on the Mazaar Sharif are afterwards taken away by the khadims as it is their right to make out taweez and other gifts for zaireen from them, while ghilaf (WHICH IS 36 METERS IN MEASURMENT AND CAN BE OF SAINT, BROCCADE OR VELVET PLAIN OR QURANIC VERSES INSCRIBED ON IT) has a permanent placement and is stored in the Mazaar Sharif's tosha khana (treasury) before and after every replacement. Both Chaddars and ghilafs are always available to Dargah Sharif's flower shops.


Ajmer renowned as one of the most pious cities and a venue of religious and cultural harmony all over the world, Ajmer enjoys the distinction of being the prime destination of people who have a staunch faith, whether they are Hindus, the worshipper of Lord Brahma or be they Muslims, coming to visit the mighty court of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) The distance of 444 kms from Delhi and 1043 kms from Bombay are nowhere less or more. Landing at the destination leaves the visitor full of energy and spirit. The Chaddars (cloth sheets less than 36 meters) that are placed on the Mazaar Sharif are afterwards taken away by the Khadims as it is their legal and hereditary right while Ghilaf (which is 36 meters in measurement and can be of satin, brocade or velvet plain or Quranic verses inscribed on it) has a permanent placement and is stored in the Mazaar Sharif's Tosha Khana (treasury) before and after every replacement. Both Chaddars and Ghilafs are always available at Dargah Sharif's flower shops.


Pilgrims The Deghs (Cauldrons)

Inside Dargah Sharif two big Deghs (pots) are installed for cooking Niaz (purely vegetarian food; cooked with rice, ghee, nuts, saffron & sugar). The system of cooking food in cauldron (Degh) was first introduced by Akbar. Since then a large quantity of food of different kinds has always been cooked in Deghs generally at night, and is distributed among the people after morning prayers.
Tomes Coryat, who visited Ajmer, at the time of Jahangir, says that the Mughal emperor once ordered the preparation of Khichri in the Degh to be distributed among 5000 people, taking out the first on a platter with his own hands, followed by the Queen, Noor Jehan, and other ladies of the Harem. Once, Shahjahan mixed the meat of a Nilgai (one of the species of antelope) in the preparation of Degh, which he had shot during a hunting expedition. In the second half of the eighteenth century, when Ajmer came under the control of the Marathas and Rajputs, a new kind of food known as Kesaria Bhat (saffroned sweet rice) was cooked in these Deghs and that has continued to this day.
Small Degh: - It was presented by Emperor Akbar, 2400 kgs of food can be cooked in it that approximately amount to 50,000.00 Indian Rupees.
Big Degh: - It was presented by Emperor Jahangir, 4800 kgs of food can be cooked in it and the cost comes to about 100,000.00 Indian Rupees. N.B.: 1. all these Deghs are cooked by zaireen (pilgrims/devotees) who can afford to get cooked, Bavakalat (through) respective khadims of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A). If anyone of you has a plan to cook Degh at any time of the year, please let us know in advance, so that we may make the necessary arrangements required, as Deghs are cooked all the year round. It can be cooked in your personal presence and also in your absence, on your behalf or any sort of Niyaz you want to cook other than Degh.


Pilgrims Holy Shrine Time Table

Mazare Aqdas (Holy Shrine) timings
Season Gates are opened Gates are closed
Winters 5 A.M. 9 P.M.
Summers 4 A.M. 10 P.M.

Urs Information

Inspired by the spiritual command of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) Khwaja Sahib came to India to reform, preach and stimulate the true doctrines of Islam in the close of 11th centaury from Iran. The fame of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) began to spread throughout the vast country.
Crowds of poor and distressed people of all races and creeds flocked to him for blessing, comfort and solace. After his sad demise the said Saint continued to hold a highly revered position and venerable Shrine soon became the place of pilgrimage for the people of the world at large.
People used to attend Urs every year with their heartfelt desires and cherished wishes.
If you or any of your kith & kens intends to visit the Holy Shrine inform us in advance so
that we may make all necessary arrangements for your lodging etc. In case you find yourself unable to join the Urs kindly let us know your inner desires so that we may be able to beseech on your behalf and entreat Khwaja Sahib to pray fulfill your inner most desires. We wish you may take part in the Fateha of the Urs Sharif by sending any amount for the Nazar – O – Niyaz (Fateha).
We wish may Allah Tallah through the mediation & blessings of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (R.A.) pour forth choicest blessings on you and other members of your eminent family.
The sacred Urs Tabarrukats will be sent to you after Urs Sharif by post.
With best wishes for all.

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