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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Amer Fort - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located in district of Amer, a district which has 4 sq kilometre area, and is in close proximity to Jaipur (11 kilometres), in Rajasthan state, Amer Palace is a popular tourist destination. Amer, the district stands high on one hill and is acknowledged to be frequently visited by the tourists every year. This region Amer was initially constructed by Meenas while later it was governed by Raja Man Singh.

The fort of Amer is also well known for its Hindu architecture style and different elements. Through its cobbled paths, series of gates, and large ramparts, this fort overlooks the popular Maota Lake.  

The fort has aesthetic ambience which is much prominent within its walls only. Built of marble and red sand stone, the magnetic and opulent palace has foundation on 4 levels and each of this has a courtyard. The palace has Diwan-e-Aam also called Hall of Public Audience, Sukh Niwas (having cool climate, artificially built by winds which blow over the water cascade in this palace), Jai Mandir, Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), and Hall of Private Audience also called Diwan-e-Khaas. This palace was once the home of kings of Rajputs and their respective families. Just at the palace’s entrance there is a gate called Ganesh Gate which has a temple next to it devoted to Sila Devi, goddess that belonged to Chaitanya cult. This idol of Sila Devi was given to King Man Singh when he conquered victory over Raja of Jessore of Bengal in 1604. Jessore at present is in Bangladesh.

Amer Fort together with Jaigarh Fort is situated just above the Cheel ka Tall (acknowledged as Hill of Eagles) at the Aravalli hill range. The Jaigarh fort and the Amer Palace are at times considered as one complex since the two are linked to each other via subterranean passage. The passage was actually an escape route during war times for enabling the royal members of the family and others to relocate to more redoubtable place – Jaigarh fort.

Annually the number of tourists that visit this fort was reported as five thousand visitors every day with 1.4 million being during the year 2007 itself. This was mentioned by Department of Archaeology and Museum’s superintendent.

During the 37th summit of World Heritage Committee hosted at Phnom Penh, Cambodia in year 2013, Amer Fort together with other 5 forts in Rajasthan was announced as a heritage site by UNESCO as significant part of group of Hill forts of Rajasthan.