Miracles of Khawaja Gharibnawaz

Why These Miracles?

As indicated by the regular guideline of “seeing is accepting”, man acknowledges and accepts rapidly a handy exhibition in the event that he sees it with his own particular eyes as opposed to being persuaded by whatever other sort of negligible hypothetical training or offer for any great reason. There has been no more prominent and more hallowed reason than the reason for religion ever. Religious conviction has dependably been an issue of solid conviction with humankind, and there can be no flawless or unwavering religious conviction without impeccable and grave conviction in the foundation of which only wonders have had most persuading impact. Marvels, generally speaking, are uncommon phenomena radiating from, or performed by, just those superhuman creatures who are endowed with, the glorious administration of God and His creation.

At the point when man is woefully saturated with sin, he declines to come back to the way of nobility effortlessly, and overlooks all normal human bids for refraining. He needs something all the more capable i.e. some “otherworldly” power to persuade him that evil life was as opposed to the “Awesome Law” and would lead him just to a disgraceful calamity and extreme punishments in both the planets in the event that he didn’t come back to goodness. Just heavenly identities like the Prophets, Saints and Auvtaars, who have no narrow minded issue, are fit for performing by the finesse of God to maintain the reason for endless TRUTH for the liberation of humankind.

Miracles And Modern Science 

The votaries of current science don’t trust in supernatural occurrences. They take them as negligible myths. Anyhow, in Islam, marvels have the power of the Holy Quran. They must be accepted in light of the fact that, firstly, they really happen; furthermore, in light of the fact that they are incontestable recorded certainties; and thirdly, in light of the fact that science is just a weapon of doubters and unbelievers against thing ‘extraordinary’. Researchers keep up that with the exception of the cleric specialty and a few unsophisticated exploited people, no wise individual living in twentieth century devotees to wonders, which are looked upon as minor tales imagined by wily clerics incensed by superstition and medieval moonshine. This storm of simple verbal cover is, in any case, a poor instrument to explode reality about marvels.

Khawaja Sahib’s Pilgrimage To Mecca Every Year

As is clear from his life history Khawaja Moinuddin is accounted for to have performed two Haj journeys to Mecca before turning out to India. Be that as it may the Hajis (travelers who visit Mecca amid the Haj) who attempted journey to Mecca amid Khawaja Sahib’s stay in Ajmer bore proof to the reality on their come back to Indian that they saw the colossal example of piety in Mecca specifically amid the Haj consistently. It was in reality one of his magnificent supernatural occurrences. How might he be able to do this accomplishment without any advanced method for transport 700 years back, is a puzzle past human discernment but then it is an actuality validated by observer and history. Amid the Haj period, he was seen both in Ajmer and Mecca.

Murderer Becomes A Devotee 

When an individual showed up before Hazrat Khawaja Sahib and put on a show to say that he was energetic to pay his tribute to the considerable holy person on that specific day. The Khawaja Sahib answered “Here I am, yet first satisfy your guarantee that brings you here”. The man started to tremble with the thought that his mystery was out before he could act and, conceding his blame, he immediately offered his significant conciliatories sentiment. Now that its out in the open, this man was an associate of a portion of the adversaries of Hazrat Khawaja and had accompanied theprecise proposition of killing the heavenly paragon of piety, a certainty which the colossal holy person came to know by his natural forces. The man appealed to God for the exculpation of the holy person who excused him charitably. The men then grasped Islam and turned into one of the committed `mureeds’ of Khawaja Moinuddin for whatever is left of his life.

Milk From An Immature Cow?

One day Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty was perched on the bank of the Ana-sagar lake at Ajmer. A shepherd-kid happened to pass before him with a crowd of youthful cows who had not yet procured their development. The Khawaja Sahib approached the kid for some milk from his group. The kid took it to be a joke and said, “Baba they are all youthful calf of juvenile age; they don’t yield any milk at this age.” The Khawaja Sahib grinned and, directing towards an adolescent dairy animals, said, “I would like toward beverage the milk of that cow, go and milk her.” The kid obeyed rather hesitatingly. When he went to drain this specific bovine, he was just dumbfounded to discover her teats completely created and over-streaming with milk. The kid filled a few containers with milk which 40 persons drank to their full fulfillment. He was such a great amount of awed by this odd wonder that he got to be incredible lover of Khawaja Sahib.

A Prediction

One day, “mureed” (supporter) of Khawaja Sahib came to him and griped, “Sir, the legislative leader of the city has made my life most hopeless by grievous badgering to such an extent that today he has request my expatriation from the city.” The Khawaja Sahib answered, “Yet where is he now, he has been rebuffed by God?” When the man came back to his home, he heard the news of the representative’s sudden demise because of a tumble from his steed while chasing.

Restoration Of Murdered Man

One day a holding up old lady came to Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin who was occupied with his “wazoo” (thorough cleansing). The lady grumbled that the legislative leader of the city had killed her child with no shortcoming and that she had come to him to ask for equity. The Khawaja Sahib, in the wake of completing with his “wazoo” grabbed his ‘asa-e-mubarak’ (sacred staff) and went out with the old woman to go to the spot where the killed carcass of her child was lying. His nearby fans likewise tailed him in participation. The Khawaja Sahib set the separated heard in its legitimate position on the assortment of the killed young person and appealed to the Almighty God, “O Allah, if this man was killed with any flaw, then give him his life”. After this request to God, the Khawaja Sahib put his staff on the carcass and said, “Get up by the charge of Allah on the off chance that you are blameless.” The young person got up, solidness and generous, and the following minute both he and his old mother tumbled down at the feet of the considerable paragon of piety of Ajmer in grave appreciation

To The Rescue Of Sheikh Ali

One day Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin was passing through a road of Ajmer with his chaperon Sheik Ali. Abruptly a bank of Sheik Ali showed up on the scene and, holding him by his article of clothing demanded the installment of his obligation in an extremely disrespectful way. Arguing for the benefit of his specialist, the Great Khawaja guaranteed the leaser that his obligation would now be paid soon and asked for him to release Sheik Ali for the present. At the same time the lender would not permit the orderly to move until his cash was paid on the spot. This willfulness finally summoned Khawaja Sahib’s notorious sensitivity for human deficiencies. In a condition of “jazba” (extraordinary feeling) he took off his “Chadar” (the wrapper which he wore) and flung the same on to the ground. Also when the “Chadar” was flung, it was secured with an enormous load of valuable silver and gold coins. 

The Khawaja Sahib then asked the bank, “Please take away your obligation, considering genuinely much as it is because of you, from this pile yet be mindful so as not to get even a solitary coin more than what is your true blue due.” Overpowered by ravenousness at the sight of such an unlimited riches, the lender underhandedly considered getting more than what was really because of him. At the same time when he extended his hand towards the cash with this insidiousness expectation, it became scarce and his arm got to be as hardened as an iron pole. The loan boss and the spectators were miracle struck at this terrible experience. Understanding his blame, the leaser fell at the feet of the considerable holy person and asked for benevolence. The Khawaja Sahib acknowledged the man’s conciliatory sentiment with his trademark consideration and appealed to God for the rebuilding of his arm to its ordinary condition.
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