Planning to Visit "Machia (Machiya) Biological Park Near Kaylana Lake Jodhpur "

Machia Biological Park Jodhpur Rajasthan

Machia Biological Park (Jodhpur) - माचिया जैविक उद्यान (जोधपुर)

Machia Biological Park was conceptualized in the year 1982-83. This park is basically the satellite zoo of old heritage zoo of Jodhpur. Machia Biological Park has an area of 41 ha out of 604 ha of Machia Forest Block.

The park is noted for its rare and distinct types of animals which include wild cats, mongoose, desert fox, deer, monitor fox, monkeys and so forth. An exclusive bird point inside the park makes a perfect location for avid birdwatchers, from which a variety of exotic birds can be spotted.

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Closed Day : - Tuesday

The park includes a splendid fort inside the premises of the safari park. The Machia safari park is one of the most ideal tourists’ destinations in the city of Jodhpur. It is often visited by children as it includes a wide range of fauna and flora. The fort which is present inside the safari park offers a splendid view of the evening sunset. Elephant riding is the main attraction of the park, which gives a bird's eye view of the picturesque wildlife park

The Jodhpur Machiya Safari Park lies on the way to Jaisalmer. It is about 1km from Kaylana Lake. It is a must see place for those interested in wildlife. The main fauna of the Machiya Safari Park of Jodhpur, Rajasthan includes, deer, desert fox, monitor lizard, blue bulls rabbits, wild cats, mongoose, monkeys, etc. There is also an exclusive bird watching point from where you can see a large number of birds. Thus, serving as a good place for bird watchers too. The safari park also has a fort inside its complex. The fort also gives a nice view of the sunset. Machiya Safari Park is an interesting place to visit with kids.

It is a zoo that is spread over a fairly long area. A person who is interested in the ecology of Jodhpur and its surrounding area should see this place. Here are not only the local animal here but more animals are also available. There are also a harbarium which gives information about the local fauna here.Nice Place to hangout with friends and family, big cats in pair is most attractive. Animal are fit and healthy and enjoy human company.

The location of the park is a big positive for me. The enclosures are not too small for the animals. I think the lioness' and the deer herd's enclosures are the biggest. The air temperature is much cooler there, with cool winds blowing often. Overall good place, and good experience.

You will get to see a large variety of wildlife and some species of birds, the entrance fee is just ₹30 per head and ₹15 if you are a student having your id with you, 
You can hire an electric cart for just ₹240 and accommodate as many people as the cart can carry.

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