Renouncement And Initiation

Khawaja Muinuddin used to contemplate for a considerable length of time together over the terrible scenes of the frightful slaughter in Khorasan which he had been seeing with extraordinary agony for quite a long while after his more youthful days. With these terrible impressions his enthusiasm for common life and joys was decreasing quick. Internally he was all that much stressed and yearned to be far from such a frantic world on the off chance that he could figure out how to see a way out.


One day (in 556 AD), he ran over a “Majzoob” (an awesome individual continually immersed in accord with God) in the individual of one Sheik Ibrahim Qandozi who happened to go to his plantation. The adolescent Khawaja Muinuddin was watering the plants around then. Quickly he saw the dervish, he invited him eagerly and in the wake of kissing his hands respectfully made him take a seat under a shady tree. He then brought a group of new grapes and asked for the blessed man to consume it. The appeal was followed. The awesome appeared to respect the behavior and this motion of the adolescent Khawaja’s accommodation and without a moment’s delay seen, by his instinctive forces, that his host was internally stressed and surprise, had a sparkle of perfect love in his heart and was an enthusiastic seeker after Truth. Over whelmed by the joy of this comprehension the dervish brought out a touch of “Khul” (the substance left after the oil was removed from the sesame seed or Til – a few antiquarians say it was a bit of bread) from his wallet and in the wake of biting it place it in the mouth of Khawaja Muinuddin. No sooner had he consumed it, than the shroud of all common creative ability was lifted from his brain and he ended up in very much a peculiar world transmitting with ‘perfect sign.’ When Khawaja Muinuddin recouped from this uncommon experience, he found that Sheik Ibrahim Qandozi had gone

Not A Fable

This bizarre profound experience, which established the framework of Khawaja Muinuddin’s perfect vocation, would resemble an eccentric tale from the Arabian Nights to the present world charmed in realism. At the same time it is not a tale or a fantasy in light of the fact that such supernatural occurrences have happened with the mystics or Sufi dervishes or Rishis and Munis of the most elevated request in the East. Furthermore they do happen even today if one is sufficiently fortunate to run over any “genuine” divine (who likes to live in ceaseless indefinite quality far from all common look to evade interference in his reverential vocation). Such wonders are abundantly upheld by the old religious books or Scriptures of almost all the main and perceived religions of the world all of which are focused around mysticism. The populace of this twentieth century in which realism overwhelmingly overwhelms mysticism may mocking and decline to have confidence in such superhuman deeds and may commonly request some significant legitimate or investigative verifications to help them.

 Anyhow such questions can be effectively scattered by a moment investigation they could call their own particular religious Scriptures. The rationalities of Islamic Sufism and the old Yogic and Vedantic sciences of Hindu civilisation additionally help us to trust in such marvels obviously. In this concealed exploration of otherworldly fellowship or unity with God all sensible contentions are deliberately dismisses in light of the fact that rationale and Sufism don’t go as one, which was the ideology of Khawaja Muinuddin and various other extraordinary Sufis and examples of piety of the East. It is not one or the other taught in our cutting edge Universities nor would it be able to be dissected in our investigative research centers. It is Knowledge from God that goes to His “darling” aficionados just.

Departure for Bokhara

The quick impulse of the aforementioned supernatural involvement with Sheik Ibrahim Qandozi was that Khawaja Muinuddin disavowed the world. He lost no time in offering ceaselessly his plantation and the windmill alongside all his other common things and conveyed each pie of the deal returns among the poor and the destitute. He then cut off all his ties with his dear and close ones, bade them a last farewell and left Neshapur for Bokhara, which was the seat of adapting in those days looking for religious learning and good instruction.

An attractive youth who had revoked the world in his initial teenagers was seen strolling isolated on the Neshapur-Bokhara expressway in the midst of wilderness and creature life, without a companion without a penny in his pocket and with no present or future any expectation of procurement for his vocation undauntedly resolved to look for Truth. The steadily developing dissatisfaction of his prior years disregarding all his rich customs and material belonging had all of a sudden changed into an immaculate happiness promptly after a heavenly vision got through the assistance of an extraordinary ‘Majzoob’. He was by all accounts extremely content with his clearly melancholy part. At this stage, on the other hand he didn’t realize that one day he would be one of the best heavenly paragons of piety and “Mujaheds” of his day in the historical backdrop of Islam who would turn the tables of the fiendishness world, who would apply the ointment of comfort and salvation to the injuries of the beset mankind and who would result in destruction of the reclaim the torment of the persecuted? This young explorer in a forsaken world was none yet Khawaja Muinuddin playing in the hands of Destiny for an exceedingly fantastic mission and astounding vocation committed to the reason for peace and joy of humanity.

This distinguished child of Islam and devoted servant of the abused humankind, had chosen to go to Bokhara for his training on the grounds that the acclaimed oriental colleges of Baghdad and Neshapur had endured harm because of the desolates of constant wars and loot however Bokhara had still a portion of the best instructive establishments and the scholarly “Ulama” of his time.
Nothing is recorded by students of history about Khawaja Muinuddin’s essential instruction however considering his respectable legacy; it is sheltered to assume that he must have gotten in any event his initial Quranic lessons at home. One history specialist reports that he had learned Quran by heart at 7 years old.

While in Bokhara, Khawaja Muinuddin got his training in all the oriental sciences and writing from numerous educated “Ulama” of the day, noticeable of whom was Maulana Hissamuddin Bokhari from whom he got his “jubba” (shroud) and ‘Dastaar-e-Fazilat’ (turban of taking in) the two most astounding scholarly certificates or “robes of learning” of that time.

At Samaqand

Having finished his training at Bokhara, Khawaja Muinuddin went to Samarqand which was likewise an incredible seat of adapting in those days. There excessively he went to numerous driving organizations to flawless his insight in Theology, Philosophy and Grammar. The years of his instruction in Bokhara and Samarqand are accounted for to be somewhere around 1150 and 1160 AD or 552 AH.

In Quest For A Spritual Preceptor

In the wake of outfitting himself with all the best accessible training (good and religious) which he could get, Khawaja Muinuddin now redirected his regard for the otherworldly side of his preparation. He now required a ‘profound preceptor’ and chose to leave Samarqand in journey of the nation towards Baghdad. On this trip he went to the town of Harwan or Haroon where one of the best Sufi dervishes of his time Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni, existed. (Conceived 510 A.H. passed on 617 A.H. also covered at Mecca.) This awesome holy person had a reverberating distinction which pulled in scores of persons from far and close for their profound edification and religious and good preparing under him.

At the feet of Murshid

One day Khawaja Muinuddin chose to present himself before this incredible holy person. When he approached the holy person, he kissed the ground with all due love and argued: “Sir, might I demand you to enroll man as one of your unassuming and gave “mureeds” (supporters)’? Hazrat Khawaja Usman immediately saw by his instinctive forces that Muinuddin was the fittest possibility to join the circle of his supporters, and allowed his solicitation without a second thought.


Khawaja Muinuddin says, in his own words, about his otherworldly start “I had the pleasure of showing up before Hazrat Usman when numerous other profound illuminating presences were additionally display. I bowed my head in serious veneration. Hazur Usman requested that I offer 2 “rakaats” of Namaaz (petitions to God). I did it. He then guided me to sit confronting the Kaaba (Mecca). I did it. He let me know to rehash Darud Sharif (commendation and gifts for the heavenly prophet and his family) 21 times and to say ‘Subhan Allah’ (God be applauded) 60 times. I did it. After that he remained up took my hand in his own particular and looked towards the paradise saying: “Let me exhibit you to God”. After that he trim off my hair with a scissors and afterward put an extraordinary Tarki top (Kolah Chahaar Tarki) on my head and requested that I take a seat. He then requested that I rehash ‘Surah Ikhlas’ (a Quranic verse) one thousand times. I did it. He then said, “among our adherents there is one and only day and one night’s Mujaheda (probation) consequently go and do it today” Accordingly I burned through one day and one night in petitions to God and returned before him. He requested that I take a seat and rehash ‘Surah Ikhlas’ again one thousand times. I did as such. “Look towards the paradise”, he then asked me. When I raised my eyes towards the paradise he enquired “how far do you see?” I said, upto Arsh-e-Moalla (pinnacle). He then asked me “look beneath” . I said upto Tahtu-Sara (void). He then requested that I sit sown and rehash ‘Surah Ikhlas’ one thousand times and I did it. He then asked me ” Look towards the paradise “. When I did as such, he enquired “how far do you see now? ” I said upto Hijaab-e-Azmat (stunning radiance of God). He then asked me “close your eyes”. I did as such, and, after a minute, he let me know “open your eyes.” I did as such. At that point he demonstrated to me his two fingers and enquired “what do you transparent them?” I said, I see 18,000 Aalam (planets). When he heard this, he said, “now your work is over”. At that point he looked towards a block lying adjacent and requested that I lift it up. When I did as such. I discovered a few deenars’ (gold coins) under it. He requested that I go and convey them among the poor and the penniless which I did. I was then educated to stay with him for quite a while.”
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