Rajasthan : Tourist Places in Kota

Hello everyone..Hope all my readers are doing great since the last time I wrote my blog.
 It's been a little long gap to my writing but surely comes with a new, enhanced and explored knowledge. Travelling to distant and far off places makes you more aware of the practical knowledge one gains while observing the minutest of details.
The best part to travel in India is that you get an opportunity to know our own motherland, our country India much better.
I must admit that our India is really Incredible with the places which are so beautiful that the beauty cannot be described in a few words.
Nature has blessed our land with vast landscapes, silence of big lakes, gushing water in large rivers, thick-dence green belts, forest  reserves, magestic waterfalls and  unforgettable locations. Actually, exploring India is always a surprise package.

Many a times it feels like one is living so many lives within one life.
Let me take you to the land of the erstwhile Royalty, Rajasthan. A visit to the city of Kota in Rajasthan. An educational hub of India. In this educational city one shall find coaching centres which are even bigger than some corporate houses.
Countless hostels looking like residential complexes and a huge number of students coming and joining various coaching institutes with many dreams in their eyes for a bright future.
The magnificent Kishore Sagar Lake surrounded  with a mini Marine Drive shall surely remind you of Mumbai with a larger similar feature. Further in it is the Seven Wonders Park , which has the replicas of the seven wonders of the world. It is really amazing to see the wonders in a scaled down version.
Kota is one such place which has a Thermal Plant, Nuclear Plant and a  Hydro-electrical Power plant with dams, reserviours and barrages.
The city has several forts to its credit, which have a unique historical background to them.
The huge waterfalls at the Gapernath temple and the thick green dense forest area of the Gapernath valley is spread like a thick green carpet covered with rain drops.
Honestly it felt like Rajasthan looking more like a Greensthan. Our eyes could only see and enjoy the vast greenery spread all around.
The big rocky mountains and gorges are covered with natural flora and streams of waterfalls.

Incredible natural beauty!!! Kota is also known and famous for its 'Kota Kachori'.
The freshness of its pulses and spices, with a thick and crisp layer to the Kachori which melts in your mouth. A taste to remember all through your life.
Another unique fact which I noticed was that the city at time of the 'Ganapati Puja' , transforms into a 'Mini Mumbai' known for celebrating the Ganapati festival at a large scale.
One can see well decorated idols of Lord Ganesha with all the fun and festivity all around.
Much can be written about the mouth watering 'Rajathani Thali' with good power, nutrition and is served with lots of love and pride as a local cuisine.
Thank you to all the wonderful loving people of Kota for the nice hospitality and warm behaviour, which made our trip even more memorable and the place felt like a second home.
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